“The Colours of Ancient Egypt” is a new media exhibition that brings ancient Egyptian art back to life through the so called “Image-Mapping” technique, in the famous Egyptian Museum in Cairo. We recolor reliefs by projecting light onto the ancient artworks to make them appear the way they used to look like. Some of the oldest pieces of art merge with new media technology to transfigure the present into the past.
Visitors from all over the world are experiencing a historically authentic exhibition and get connected to the first highly advanced civilization.


Image-Mapping is a projection technology and is used to draw with visible light through a computer and a projector. The light-projected shapes appear colored step by step as we carefully fill out the hieroglyphics and the depicted scenes. While doing this procedure we work hand in hand with archeologists and conservators in the museum to ensure a color accuracy with accordance to originality. This requires us to inspire local archaeologists to scientifically research each chosen object in order to find out what the true colours were.


This unique event has the power to enhance curiosity among visitors in the museum and attract new ones as it will pull them back emotionally into the time of ancient Egypt with all of its glory.

The Museum welcomes millions of guests each year due to it containing the largest collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in the world. The exhibition is displaying the evolution of colours used by the ancient Egyptians. In this context each relevant time period shows one outstanding piece which we and a team of chief archaeologists carefully picked out together. To furthermore understand this evolution we also present original color resources, such as minerals, plants and stones used during these time-periods.

It is the first time in history that new media is introduced to the Egyptian Museum, and will unquestionably spark a fresh spirit of enquiry within the hearts of the visitors. Additionally, this event will furthermore enable a new form of communication with the spectators and grant path to a new level of educational engagement.


Impressions of the Exhibition & Workshops

Nefertiti Alive



Andreas Uranowicz

Andreas lives as a freelance media designer and film editor in Berlin. Already during his studies worked on several documentary and fiction films. In 2014 he moved to Madagascar for one year, working on film projects and establishing a sustainable business. He worked for artists like Ai Weiwei, Philip Gröning & Nils Pagh Anderson.


Hadi El Rabbat

Hadi is Egyptian and graduated from Stonehill College in 2014 with a double major in Poltical Science: Conflict Resolution/Peacebuilding and Businesses Administration. He has recently returned to Germany and is working on refugee integration programs while setting up an indigenous tribal research and conservation project in North-East India.