Malagasy Roots - Exorcism, Ancestors Cult & Shamans

Length 43 Min.

Status: Pre-Production


Julien is mentally sick. He is a mathematics professor and his only wish is to get well and teach at university again. Living in a Toby, a mentally health care center in Madagascar, his healer is saying that Julien is possessed by the devil. "To get rid of the devil he has to study the bible seriously and come to church three times a day to proceed exorcism on him. Jesus word makes him stronger and harms the devil.", says his healer. But some members of Juliens family live the ancestors cult. They are convinced that he could have done a sin or a 'fady', a taboo, and therefore got punished by the ancestors. The story of Juliens mental illness is turning into a big challange for the society in his village.